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Are You A Certified IT PM But Not Sure What The Next Step Is?

PM certification gives you the technical skills you need, but where do you get the softskills that will make you an even better IT PM?

Our coaching programs are designed to help you improve your project management leadership skills so you can sucessfully deliver your next project and advance your project management career.

Are You Concerned Someone Else Is Getting The Bigger Projects?

The ultimate goal of our project management coaching service is to assist you to successfully deliver your IT projects, and to help you to demonstrate that you’re an effective and valuable project manager, so you can ultimately land that payrise or promotion that you want.

Matt Carroll
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Support To Help You Beat Any Project Challenge You Face

Coaching Is Not TRAINING

Training is about introducing you to a new and specific skill, without showing you how to use it in your day-to-day role.

Training only lays the foundation of a new skill.

Coaching Is Not MENTORING

Mentoring is working with someone who has been where you are and can advise on what action they took and how it worked out.

Mentor’s only share their experiences.

Coaching Is Not CONSULTING

Consulting is when someone with formal qualifications in the topic and/or direct experience acts as an advisor or problem solver.

Consultants only tell you what to do.

Coaching is about working with you on an individual basis, to help you address any challenges you’re facing. Typically for IT project managers these situations might involve specific challenges with a project, a client or with their project team, or it may be that they are looking at ways of increasing their overall confidence and how they build relationships, and better lead their team and projects.

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Project Manager Coaching Is An Investment In Yourself And In Your Future!

Investing in a coach might seem scary or like it is too big of a risk without the promise of a reward. The fact is, if you have already decided to make a career as a project manager, then investing in a coach is actually an investment in you and your future.

The return you get from your coaching investment is determined by the investment you make and the effort you put into your own success.

Our IT Project Manager Coaching will:

  • Give you a fresh perspective on project situations you are facing
  • Allow someone else to identify any weaknesses you may have
  • Help you close the gap in your project management knowledge
  • Unlock any self-imposed limits you have placed on yourself
  • Assist you in navigating challenges and meeting your goals
  • Provide an unbiased 3rd-party view
  • Keep you on track to deliver your commitments
  • Serve as your compass by pointing you in the right direction
  • Hold you accountable
  • Introduce you to new habits and ideas
  • Show you a way forward in your project and your career

What People Say About Our Coaching

Follow These Steps

Step 1 - Book Your Free Consultation >>

If you are thinking that coaching might be good for your PM career or help you with a challenging situation you are currently facing, then you should book a free 15 minute consultation to find out more.


We will use this time to make sure that we both agree that there is something we can offer you, and that we are the right coach for you.


Click on the GET STARTED button below to book your free consultation.

Step 2 - Choose Your Program >>

Whether you are new to project management, or simply need coaching in specific areas, we have a coaching program to suit.


After our initial consultation, we will send you an email with a link to our programs and you can select the one that suits you best.

Step 3 - Begin Your Coaching Journey >>

Once you have selected and paid for your preferred coaching package, you will receive an introduction email and your coaching journey will be underway.

Our Programs

The 'Remediate' Program

Our Remdiate Program is perfect for when you have a single issue or challenge you need some help with.
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The 'Focus' Program

If you need to improve a particular skillset that may be weak or lacking, our Focus Program may be just what you need.
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The 'Growth' Program

Our Growth Program lets you choose the areas you want to develop from a range of soft skills and technical skills.
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